Nadir Project Space is an arts space in the basement of a terraced house in central Brighton, and is run on a voluntary basis. NPS is interested in developing an artistic programme that reflects the social, cultural and political contexts of the world we live in. We’re excited by critical perspectives and practices that speak to the issues of the 21st century.

We care about offering a diverse exhibition programme and aim to elevate the practices of underrepresented creatives, including people of colour, individuals without access to generational wealth, members of LGBTQIA+ communities and people living with disabilities*. Nadir also likes to work with early career artists, recent graduates or those who have never exhibited before.
*NPS is currently only accessible via stairs. If you have specific requirements and any suggestions on how we can make your visit easier, contact us.

Let’s be transparent

Nadir Project Space recognises and celebrates the contributions made by artists and practitioners and wholeheartedly supports fair payment for creatives. Unfortunately we are not currently in receipt of public funds and are managed by volunteers on a limited budget (our project space is literally someone’s living-room) and so cannot provide payment to artists who participate in our exhibitions. At the same time, we do not expect artists to incur the costs of exhibition installation whatsoever. All costs in relation to exhibition making are covered entirely by Nadir, including installation, transport of work, technical support, marketing etc.

We’ve written this because we care about transparency and facilitating more communicative relationships between artists and organisers. We’re open to talking with artists about how Nadir can provide any non-monetary benefits and encourage them to be candid about their needs and desires.